Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Wait, you bought them...WTW?!"

I feel compelled to write a very informal post about one of greatest beauty finds to date! Mostly because of a funny convo my friend/co-worker had this morning.

She pokes her head in my office to say "Good morning!" while she waits for her meeting in the next office. I pop my head over my monitors to say good morning back and see how her weekend was. She does a double take before she answers and asks "when did you get bangs?...I really like them!" I replied with a smirk "I bought them". Haha I wish I recorded her response..."wait, what? You BOUGHT them?"! I had to repeat myself a couple times that i did in fact buy my bangs!
I bought them and they're awesome for days I don't want to wash or brush my hair. Or for the days my hair is not cooperating and I threaten to cut bangs. Seriously they're awesome! You should get a pair and try'em out.
When I got mine they're a tad on the super shiny side (seriously what bishes hair is naturally that shiny) so I sprayed some dry shampoo and a little hairspray on them and voila, almost an exact match!

I found mine at Ulta for $30! I had a coupon that I found on the Internet because that's a little spency IMO.
Here's where you can find them: http://www.wigs.com/product_info.php?products_id=3752

Do any of y'all wear Fangs (fake bangs)?

Below are a couple of pics when I wore them last.

Happy holidays to ya and happy hair-doing!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ketchup? No, catch-up!

I know I wrote over a week ago that I was going to be back at this blogging thing with a bang... 


HA! Ooops, sorry friends. Let me just say I blame it mostly on work and the lack of a good computer at home. Sidenote: since the birth of this company (4 long short years ago) I work for, I am currently managing FIVE times the amount of units then when I started... And I'm still the ONLY employee running this mug! AND might I add I had no prior training on property management or how to start a property mangement company. All on the job training. Okay soapbox complete.

So it's not the lack of ideas of things to blog about, trust I've got stuff for weeks I want to share with the world. I think what has been keeping me from coming back with a bang is this giant cloud of playing catch-up thats been hanging out over my bloggy brain. What a drag. I mean, I started this blog fer muhself and of course my close friends and clearly I know what's been going on in my life and so have my faithful reader(s) (thanks, Mom!). 
So I think I have made the executive decision to not do a catch up post and just bring you guys up to speed either when I post and something comes up to where it's not making sense ORRRRRR y'all can just ask me if you are so inclined and I would be more than happy to oblige. 
I'm like a genie, ask and you shall receive. 

So with all that being 'said' I leave you with this precious little gem. It's all the rage, get with the times people. I kid! 

And because Ellen is my fave and so is BritBrit, I give you the tutorial directly from PSY himself...

PSY might be my long lost brother from another mother: "dress classy but dance cheesy" for those of y'all who know me, that is me to a T! 

ayyye sexylady,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everything In Moderation...

...that's what my Momma always told me. 

not really apologizing for being gone for so long, just acknowleding it. ;-) you know what i mean? don't feel guilty for living your life. but let's be real honest, it sure has been a HOT minute or two hasn't it?!

as we all are, i have been super busy and enjoying life to the fullest. it doesn't help that my 'pooters at home are either superridiculouslyancient or the other is a mini notebook. not fun to blog on AND i feel guilty for blogging whilst at work. 
it's time to get my blogbooty back into shape! so much has been going on and i fully intend to catch  you all (all 14 of you...thank you to my lovely followers) and this bloggy up on all things that have been going on in le world of le foof.

i've had a few inquiries on when i will be back to blogging and some really sweet unexpected comments that have lit the fire under my youknowwhere. ;-)

be ready...because i'ma comin' back!

p.s. i really would love to hear what you guys would like to read and see more of. anything, everything, i'm up for what ever tickles your fancy; music, art, fashion, crafts, working out, nutrition, dance, you name it i'll touch on it. please comment and let me know!  

Friday, February 17, 2012

this crazy week.

Haven't had much time to blog lately during this crazy week. Here's a recap of the events. 

I had an extreme kick myself in the a$s moment on the way home from work. Don't ask, just look.
No one was injured and we both drove away just fine.
 Her car. Not so fine. I still feel horrible, but hey that 85 Volvo had to go right? ;-) She jumped out of the car almost cheering "YES! I get a new vehicle" ha. 

Hubs and I celebrated our VDay by dining at Vince Young Steak House. 
Hm, where to begin. Other than I'm going to write a review on Yelp and my only good comment is going to be that the filet that came with the surf and turf was AMAZING! 
But being hollered at "Hey Mamma!" by the waitstaff standing by the kitchen. The lack of politeness by our water was awful. We heard the specials via another waiter who had a table next to us and we didn't even get an amuse buche! 

But I snapped a cool pic waiting for valet. 

And we had a mini family "photo shoot" when we got home from dinner. 

Chaos ensued.

We couldn't get the camera to flash properly and Gunnar wouldn't sit still. 

So hubs said, give me the camera I'll take a good one. 

Woke up to this on VDay morning! :)

And was hand delivered these little smiles on a stick, with a kiss!! Seriously I am spoiled rotten and I love him so so VERY much for it!! 

 I gave myself a VDay mani.

My little brother is one of Cupids children born on Valentine's Day. We spent this year celebrating at Main Event and bowling for over 2 hours....my arms are sore. Can we say 'out of shape much'? haha

My brothers best buds from childhood. So crazy. They are so grown up...one with child. Which means I am old. ;)

He just got his PADI Open Water Divers certification a couple weeks ago. So as a birthday present we got him the advanced course to continue on in his journey. So proud of my little brudda!

I have been needing some serious motivation to get back into my workout routine. So what better way than to put your hollyjollyoverstuffedwithyummyxmasbirthdayNYEcandiesandbooze self into one of these gems.
I'm actually really in love with this little number and am so ready for sunshine and poollakeriverocean madness! 

Exhibit A, MO-TI-VA-TION!

I also decided that I needed to kick my workout routine into overdrive so I started the Insanity workout which is exactly as it sounds. I am insanely sore today. 

Time to burn the butter baby!

Terry was pretty sick so I caught up on my girly shows; The Housewives of Beverly Hills and the OC. 

We had one vacancy this month at work. Was completed with repairs and renos on Tuesday, showed it on Wednesday and was leased on Thursday, they move in today! BANGARANG! 

Tonight is our office Happy Hour, should be interesting since there will only be like 9 of us going. 

Tomorrow I get to hang out with 'Thankgodfor Brianne' and my little boyfriend Andon! I'm so excited to squeeze them both and they get to meet Gunnar for the first time. 

T-MINUS 6 DAYS till I'll be doing this

okay it will probably look more like this

But at least I have goals right? :)

I hope you all have had a beautiful week with your loved ones and have an even better weekend ahead!!