Tuesday, November 29, 2011

d i y : my blingtastic heels

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I decided to make a trip to the local craft store where I came across a ONE POUND tub of rhinestones! One pound you say, what ever will you do with a pound of rhinestones?! I plan to put bling on anything and everything I can, that's what I will do with them! 
This is where one of my other DIY projects comes in - rhinestone covered, cobalt blue platform pumps! 

You will need one pair of simple platform heels. I found mine at Target for $30! 

E-6000 indsutrial strength glue and at least 150 rhinestones of various sizes.

These little chopstick looking things called 'rhinestone placement tool' makes it so much easier to pick up and place the rhinestones into the glue. 

Start in the corner and work your way across the top line of the platform and fill in. 

I covered the heel of mine also but didn't take a close up photo. You can sort of see it in this one below.


periods = shark week

Assuming a woman has periods from
the age of 13 to 50...That is about 
444 periods, and if each period lasts
about a week, each woman spends about
8.5 years bleeding during their lifetime. 

Don't let nothin' get in your way during shark week ladies! 

playing catch-up: November in review; pre Thanksgiving

Goodness me I thought married life was busy all on it's own! But then you sprinkle in the Holidays and family and traveling and holy smokes, life is in the fast lane moving quicker than ever. Thus putting my blog lower on the totem pole of "to-do's", which is why I am just now doing a review of the month of November. Better late than never, right?! 

So the month started out with my good friend with the rad name, Ace winning a private shopping party for herself and a couple of friends at a boutique in the 2nd Street District, Plain Ivey Jane. What a better way to start a month out than with your girlfriends, shopping, cupcakes and champagne! Sadly I didn't get any pics from this soiree but don't be fooled we had a great time! If you're in Austin you should check out the boutique. 

On one our fabulous nights out on the town we ended up running into and hanging out with retired NFL Quarterback, Jeff Blake. This is pretty epic for all the boys. Obviously I had no idea who he was. ;)

Short back story about moi; way back in the day I used to dance for a couple of local sports teams in Austin, The Toros being one of them. My fabulous and very talented friend, Marcella (who I met dancing for the Toros) is now the director and choreographer of  The Austin Toros Capital City Dance Team. We ended up going to the Draft Party to support to her and the team - what a good lookin' group of gals! ;-)

I took Gunnar for his very first trip to the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trails. Which he absolutely loved! 

Ended up meeting some friends downtown for a couple of cocktails. Sometimes we try to keep things 'low key' but that never ends up going as planned. 


A couple of the guys; I think it's funny how each one has a very different expression on their face! 

Mom finally decided to get back on the mountain biking bandwagon and made herself a very big and special new purchase! Congrats on the new wheels Momma, they're perfect for you! 

It was a gorgeous fall day out so went to celebrate at Uncle Billy's on Barton Springs. Kiki loves her grandpuppy. 

Terry surprised me with a very delicious date night to Truluck's; just because! Our waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special and I jokingly said "our 6 month anniversary". At the end of our meal she brought out a Happy "Six" Anniversary card signed by all the wait staff and this delicious dessert. I thought it was so sweet of them to do that. 

One thing I absolutely love about my hubby is that he is A Man's Man. He drives a giant truck, plays football, wears cowboy boots on the daily, drinks whiskey and loves to shoot guns (among many other manly things). He took me to LaRue Tactical Range day that was held out in Liberty Hill. We spent the day testing out some really awesome guns, hanging with some of the hubs friends, eating their famous BBQ and shmoozing with all the vendors. 

This is me in prone position shooting the LaRue OBR (optimal battle rifle) at 250 yards. Three hits out of 5 rounds isn't too shabby IMO. And T shooting the same gun at 750 yards - what a stud! 

Like I mentioned early T is a Man's Man and plays him some football. Well they had a tournament the same weekend and wound up taking 1st Place in their division! Way to go Turbo!!

My two crazy friends and I have this fun tradition to see the midnight showing of all the Twilight movies that come out. So it's pretty silly how much your tolerance for late movies rapidly decline as you get older. But we made it through the new Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie with no problemas...the next couple of days, that's a whole other story. I actually liked this flick - it had more vampire gore and KStew's acting was a tad bit more tolerable for the first half of the movie. Sadly no pics were taken of us dressed in our warmest and comfiest get up. 

Because I am a party soldier, the very next night we put on our dancing boots and headed to Midnight Rodeo to see Cory Morrow! Cory always puts on a great show no matter where he plays! Sadly my camera battery died and I only have some crappy phone pics to share. This was a wild night; I accidentally grabbed the blade of Terry's pocket knife and then whilst twirling on the dance floor I managed to rip my toe nail in half. Thank god for e-6000 glue! 


We spent the day resting and hanging out together as it is very rare that we don't have plans on the weekends. We were out running a couple of errands when we decided to go grab a bite and a drink at Uncle Billy's out on the Lake. That was the perfect way to spend a warm fall afternoon with the hubs. 

There is a super cool shop called Blue Genie at the Oasis that we went into. I love anything and everything that supports local Austin businesses, especially the crafty folks. This place does just that too, by renting out space in their store to keep the merchandise fresh and new. 

We then proceeded to meet some friends downtown for another super fun night because as George Strait says "I ain't here for a long time, but I'm here for a good time"! 
Again, I fail with the pics because I couldn't find my camera charger so we used my friends. Waiting on those to be posted. But I did rock my new red skinny jeans which I had been searching for for like 3 months. Seriously I walk into to Target of all places and what do I see on the racks...red skinnies! You bet your bottom dollar I snatched those bad boys right up! Some girl said " ugh, her booty all hanging out!" to which I replied with a smile on my face "sweety, don't be jealous." Besides, how does ones booty hang out in jeans? I mean really. 

Then we recuperated, went grocery shopping, baked a lot of double layer pumpkin pie cheesecakes and all the sudden it's time for the Thanksgiving holiday! Woohoo! 

Stop! hatin' is bad, 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

gobble till you wobble...

and then get your work out on!! Or at least a nice brisk walk before you hunker down on the couch to watch Longhorns beat the tar outta the Aggies! ;-) 
Friends, I will be the first to admit that as soon as the cold and rainy weather struck Central Texas my work out routine went right out the window. But that's okay, don't get down on yourself if you are currently on the same boat as I. Just recognize that it's time to get back at it and know that it usually only take 3 weeks for your body to get back in shape. That's not too bad, 3 weeks! We can do it! 

Here are a few really quick and effective work outs you can do during this Thanksgiving holiday to keep your metabolism going and give you a nice shot of endorphins. Heck, you could even get your family and friends to do this with you. I know I will be making a suggestion this week. 

Pick one and do it when you feel ready; before or after you eat (just give the food time to settle). There really isn't a bad or better time to work out. If you're feeling up to it do all three every day.

I am not a certified workout instructor, so please always consult with your physician before trying a new activity. Also, these are just meant as inspiration and motivation. 

Seriously if this song and video don't make you want to shake what yo mamma gave you there might be something wrong with you. Just kidding of course ;) Love me some Beyonce! Here are a couple more songs that always get me to work out.

You betta work!...out! ;)

I like singing the lyrics to this one like a mantra when I'm running, plus it's got a great beat "i got beauty, i got class, i got style and i got a$$"

What kind of music or specific songs do you like to work out to?

hooray for double layer pumpkin pie cheesecake,

Monday, November 21, 2011

our wedding: featured on WedLoft by Wedding Window!

We are so '15 minutes' of famous, Oh M Gee! I can't believe it! haha 
Our beautiful photographer Kelly Cameron submitted some of the photos she took of our wedding to WedLoft by Wedding Window. I love looking back on all these amazing moments that were captured. It is so true to find a photographer who you can connect with and has the same priorities as you do as far as what types of photos matter the most to you. 

And because I feel like reminiscing a little, here is a video a good friend of mine made for Terry and I as a wedding present. Enjoy!

i love love, 

fab product alert: falsies mascara

For a while I had been on the hunt for a really great mascara. About two years ago I came across that exact mascara - Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. The claim is that 96 % of women who tried it saw fuller, longer lashes in 6 weeks. So I decided, why not? 
Well ladies, I AM OBSESSED and highly HIGHLY recommend this mascara. For me it really does work! Not only does it work, it is not clumpy, it's not runny, it double and triple coats nicely without getting the spider leg look and the best part it doesn't melt or fall of your lashes through out the day. 

So I really love to wear fake eyelashes, but let's not kid ourselves those puppies take a very steady hand, practice and quite honestly time, more time than I like to spend on my primping routine. I have been hearing a lot of talk about the 'Falsies' mascara and decided to try it out for myself. It ended up doubling the length of my lashes!! 

Side note: I hope you don't believe your lashes will really look like the above with just mascara. That is false advertising (pun intended) and it's almost impossible to get your lashes to look like that without falsies or if you're my friend Marcella who was blessed with amazing lashes! 

On the left, one coat of the Falsies mascara, right is no mascara

Curled with eyelash curler and two coats of Falsies mascara

Never fails when I talk about eyelashes this pops into my head

oooh la la, 

November Birchbox + Birchbox Man

This months Birchbox wasn't as exciting as Octobers, but there are still some really great products that I got to sample. 

kate spade new york Twirl - 3.4 fl oz | smells nice, not exactly my favorite scent but it's nice. One spritz on the wrist lasted a long time as well. 

Jouer Lip Enhancer | I have yet to sample this one. 

Alex & Isabelle Classic Hair Ties | these little guys are very simple, fancy colored elastics tied in a knot, they don't leave kinks or rip out your hair.

Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste | I actually really liked this toothpaste, however I would not use it for a thorough, get the plaque off type of brushing. This toothpaste did not foam up at all (I prefer a very foamy brushing), BUT it left an amazing taste AND my teeth were super shiny after just the first use. Almost as shiny as when you leave the dentist. 

Zoya Gems & Jewels Collection | I have yet to use this color as well. But I love all Zoya polishes so I know it will be great! 

And just in time for the Holidays, Birchbox added a new limited edition collection Birchbox Man; which is perfect for any handsome man in your life (brother, Dad or beau). Check out all the fab goodies they get! 

happy holidays love bugs,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

my latest DIY project: a personalized lyrics, hand-scripted scarf

I was surfing the blogosphere the other day and came across this lovely blog Stamp48 that had a precious DIY project that I instantly fell in love with! I couldn't wait any longer, I had to make this scarf. 
So yesterday I popped into Joann's to pick up the ink (30% off, score!) and then swung over to Sam Moon where I picked up a white scarf!

Instead of a poem or a quote I chose to do a song that means the world to me. It is the chorus of my hubby and I's First Dance song - 'Who I Am' by Wade Bowen. There is just something about having these lyrics wrapped around me keeping me warm and cozy on this crisp fall day. 

'And I love to watch you laugh and smile, I love to watch you dream 

Love it when you take my hand let me know you believe in me And I love it that you're my girl, I love that I'm your man Now that you're in my life Baby I know exactly who I am'

The ink

 Lyrics completed, letting the ink dry

Voila, le precious personalized script scarf!

What lyrics, poem or quote would you write on your scarf? Please share with me if you end up making one of these for yourself or as a present. Look out friends and fam, I totally intend on making these for holiday or birthday presents! 

oh she crafty huh, 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the sock bun

I've had my eye on this trend that kept popping up all over Pinterest aka my obsession. 

Finally I decided to do a little research on how to do this fancy little no heat curling trick, yes I repeat NO HEAT! I have to say I was little skeptical after I got the sock in, but the results were actually quite amazing! Even the hubs said "holy expletive, NO WAY! It's beautiful! That was worth losing a sock for." 
So here are my crappy pictures from my phone and a few extra tricks on how to try it out for yourself.

Hair before it went into the sock bun

Le Sock Bun...goodnight

 Hair right after I pulled out the sock bun. Those 3 crazy ends sticking up at the top of my head are my bangs (more on that later)

Over exposed, fuzzy close up after running my hands through it (my hair is really not this orange)

After I calmed down the frizz and put some hair spray in it...voila, Le Sock Bun Curls!

You will need: 
1 tube sock (preferably not a mans sock, it creates too big of a "donut" and you will end up with more waves than curls)
Cut the toe part off the sock
Pony tail holder
Spray bottle with water

How to create The Sock Bun Curls:
Flip your head over and make a ponytail right on the top of your head. Don't fasten the ponytail holder too tight or you will get a kink in the morning. 
Spritz the hair sticking out of the ponytail and get it pretty wet, not soaking, but more than damp. 
Brush through it to smooth it out. 
Slip the donut onto your hair and pull all the way to the ends.
This is the tricky part if you have lots of layers; pull your over the donut and start tucking your hair under then just slowing start rolling the donut down towards your head. 
There is no need to fasten it with anything as it is very secure once you've rolled it all the way down. 
Go to bed and undo and wake up to fabulous curls in the morning! 
*My bangs got kinked really funny so I ended up flat ironing them. I think the next time I will pull my bangs out before I make the high ponytail and just bobby pin them back.*

This picture kind of shows it step by step. 

If you have shorter hair, maybe try doing two really small donuts more towards the back of your head to see if that works. 
Next time I will be cutting my sock my shorter so that the donut is not so fat; that way I will get tighter curls.

P.S. This sock bun can also be used to create a very elegant 'Carrie Bradshaw' bun. Just leave a few pieces out before you twist down onto your head and then wrap them around the bun and secure with some bobby pins.


Let me know if you try it and how it turns out! 

I really do love donuts,