Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ketchup? No, catch-up!

I know I wrote over a week ago that I was going to be back at this blogging thing with a bang... 


HA! Ooops, sorry friends. Let me just say I blame it mostly on work and the lack of a good computer at home. Sidenote: since the birth of this company (4 long short years ago) I work for, I am currently managing FIVE times the amount of units then when I started... And I'm still the ONLY employee running this mug! AND might I add I had no prior training on property management or how to start a property mangement company. All on the job training. Okay soapbox complete.

So it's not the lack of ideas of things to blog about, trust I've got stuff for weeks I want to share with the world. I think what has been keeping me from coming back with a bang is this giant cloud of playing catch-up thats been hanging out over my bloggy brain. What a drag. I mean, I started this blog fer muhself and of course my close friends and clearly I know what's been going on in my life and so have my faithful reader(s) (thanks, Mom!). 
So I think I have made the executive decision to not do a catch up post and just bring you guys up to speed either when I post and something comes up to where it's not making sense ORRRRRR y'all can just ask me if you are so inclined and I would be more than happy to oblige. 
I'm like a genie, ask and you shall receive. 

So with all that being 'said' I leave you with this precious little gem. It's all the rage, get with the times people. I kid! 

And because Ellen is my fave and so is BritBrit, I give you the tutorial directly from PSY himself...

PSY might be my long lost brother from another mother: "dress classy but dance cheesy" for those of y'all who know me, that is me to a T! 

ayyye sexylady,