Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY: no-sew fringe blanket

I found a super cute new project that I thought y'all might enjoy! 

The no-sew fleece fringed blanket. 

I've been wanting to make this for quite some time for our little furrbaby. Our little munchkin is having a big surgery tomorrow so I wanted to have it done before he got home so he has something extra special and soft to cuddle in. {Okay so it's not a big surgery, he is getting neutered. But I am surprisingly spastic about this whole thing that I couldn't bare to take him. I've requested that hubs take him and pick him up. I will be at home waiting to take care of him)

 My boofriend, Anna got me a gift card to one of my favorite places for my birthday, Hobby Lobby! So the hubs and I went there this weekend to pick out the fabric and the rest of the supplies. 

Here's what you will need (for a furrbaby blanket):
-2 complimentary fleece fabrics, 1 yard each (I chose camo and paw print. I really wanted turquoise but they didn't have it) Also your best bet is to buy these on sale or else you will be spending $25+ on a dog blanket.
-extra sharp scissors and/or a scissor sharpener
-tape measure or ruler
-a furry little helper ;-)

Lay out both of your fabrics one on top of the other. Cut out 4"x4" squares at each corner.

 Lay the ruler or tape measure across one side and mark every 1". It doesn't have to be perfect but it needs to be consistent. Then cut your fringe on the side you just marked. Repeat these steps on every side.

When you have completed cutting the 1" strips all the way around. Pick a corner to start in and tie in a regular over-hand knot EVERY OTHER section of fringe. {*side note; yes that is a recliner. It's the hubs recliner. If I had it my way it would be a lovely animal print vintage winged back chair. I'm such a great wife ;-)}

Once you are done with every other one. Flip the blanket over and do the same thing with the remaining untied sections of fringe. (I double knotted this side.) 

For a little extra flair ;-) (shocking it's not rhinestones, i know) I added these pre-embroidered iron on patches to officially make it his. 

He wouldn't sit still he kept nestling trying to rumple it all up. So he's making the "Mom quit straightening it out, I'm trying to get comfortable" face. 

All in all it took about 2 hours to do. But I was multi-tasking, Gunnar was wanting to play and The Real Houswives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 and It's a Brad Brad World was on...what. ;-)

These blankets are super soft, adorable and can be fantastic gifts for a babyshower, for girls going to summer camp, teenagers or pretty much anyone who likes cuddly throw blankets.  I'm looking forward to making more of these. 

Have you made one of these, would you make one of these? If so, please share i'd love to see them! 


Monday, January 30, 2012

China Glaze "Colours From The Capital" - The Hunger Games Collection

ohMgee!! I had to blog about this E-mediately! I was so excited when I found out today that there is a nail polish collection based on my recent reading obsession, 'The Hunger Games'

If you haven't at least heard of it you may have been under a rock for a while. ;-) 

Anyhow here's the color swatches, the names are fabulous! Which colors are your favorite?

These are the names they were going to use originally, same colors. 

This is the info that Lionsgate has provided about the collection:

In keeping with the powerful themes and message of the story, the collection of nail polish will be inspired exclusively by one of the book's distinct settings-the Capital and the nation of Panem. Awash in lavish fashion, food, and entertainment, Capitol citizens enjoy extreme cosmetics and body modifications, bold wigs, and outlandish costumes. 

The line will be available March 1, 2012 and the movie releases March 23, 2012! :)

According to The Hob, they have figured out that each color in the collection corresponds with each District. 

Luxe and Lush – District 1 (Luxury)
Stone Cold – District 2 (Masonry)
Riveting – District 3 (Technology)
Hook and Line – District 4 (Fishing)
Electrify – District 5 (Power)
Fast Track – District 6 (Transportation)
Mahogany Magic – District 7 (Lumber)
Dress Me Up – District 8 (Textiles)
Harvest Moon – District 9 (Grain)
Foie Gras – District 10 (Livestock)
Agro – District 11 (Agriculture)
Smoke and Ashes – District 12 (Mining)

I can't decide which one is my top fave because they're all great and I actually already own colors that look similar. But I think I'm gonna add to my collection, Lux and Lush, Electrifying (obvi they both have glitter) I'm interested in seeing what Mahogany Magic and Dress Me Up look like in person. 

What are your faves, would you sport any of these?? 

The cast looking very 'all American'.

hooray Monday is almost over, 

PS I have a fun and simple DIY project I'm excited to share with y'all that I finished tonight!

Friday, January 27, 2012

some days I want to chop it all off!

I know you have those days (like I'm having today) where you just want to chop all your hair off! Donate it and be happy and stress free with no mop to manage on a day to day basis? 
Well for those of us who don't have the cajones (me) or your beau loves it too much, or for whatever reason you can always pretend (when is the last time you did that?) with this fun make over tool. 

Here's what I would look like with short hair. Okay so the picture of my face isn't the best and nor is the background. But you get the idea. :) 

Sooo maybe I'm not a short hair kind of gal. 

BUT ...

in all seriousness I have been considering dying my hair red!! *gasp* Well okay, like a dark auburn color. I have been platinum blond, light brown, blond with red streaks, jet black and now my ombre brown, honey, black color that's going on. I've been rocking the dark hair for almost 3 years now! 

I'm kind of wanting to play and experiment. I've done the bangs thing (MAJOR disaster) and now the one color I haven't been is a reddish color. 

This is my inspiration and what I would want it to look like if I do decide to rock the red do. 

Using the same tool as above, here I am with auburn hair! Again, not the greatest pic of me and maybe I should have taken off the red scarf. But these were done a while ago (I've been contemplating for a couple weeks now).

What do y'all think; should I do it or stay dark brown/black? Have you ever been a red head or auburn (not naturally)?

PS. This is not a quarter life crisis or anything like that. It's just time for an update and to play with my look for 2012. :)

cheers to the freakin' weekend, 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

random things I am loving right now

Two new apps I've downloaded and am having so much fun with:

3 Initials | create fun monogram backgrounds and wallpapers for your phone or iPad

Red Stamp | send super cute notes right from your phone; invites, thank-yous, congrats etc.
Look how sweet our dear friends new baby boy is!

Lately I have been crushing on anything monogrammed. 

Loving these two necklaces from Moon & Lola, tortoise with the gold chain...swoon:

And this cross body/ clutch from Marley Lily, I am certain I need to own. ;-) 
Except I would do brown stitching to make the monogram blend a little more. 

It would look more like this one

I love accessorizing, so naturally I would love The 'Arm Party'. If worn tastefully it will never go out of style IMO. Who's ready to party? tehe

Here's a simple one I wore over the weekend. 

                                                                  Source: girlcrushblog.blogspot.com via Dani on Pinterest

                                                             Source: forloveofacupcake.blogspot.com via Emily on Pinterest

Love this tribal, fringe bikini from All Wet Beachwear . It's a tad, okay WAY more than I normally spend but how adorable is it?!

I have not wanted to throw away all of our cards from wedding showers and our actual wedding. They are currently in a box pushed under a shelf collecting dust. Well my friends I came across THE CUTEST way to save them. This is so genius and is going to be one of my next projects. 

Another potenential upcoming project (even though Feb is a short month). How adorable is this?
Source: etsy.com via Liana on Pinterest

happy thunder storming Tuesday my friends, 

P.S. What do y'all think of the ole blog face lift? :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

D IY : reverse tip nails to extend your Shellac mani & nail polish ADD

It really is kind of ridiculous how much I change my nail polish and the amount of colors that I currently own. 
Oh well so what, it's one of this small things that can make a gal feel a wee bit fancy. 

I've been seeing the reverse mani all over Pinterest and never wanted to go into so much detail until recently. The reason  you ask? My girl friend and I went to get Shellac mani's back on 12/26. Well this time around the lady did the mani so good it was still hanging around on 1/9! The only problem, is the major growth of my nails and this huge bare spot by my cuticles... 
Enter: the reverse mani - problem solved! 

All you need are garage sale dot stickers or the binder hole reinforcement tabs
Your favorite contrasting nail polish. 

Stick the stickers on and paint 2-3 coats, depending on your color...

and voila, a pretty reverse tip manicure!

This extended my Shellac mani until the following weekend 1/14! Friends this has got be some kind of record for sure- 3 week, no-chip manicure for $35! You bet!

Here is a look at my past Sally Hansen Salon effects nail polish strips obsessions. So far my favorite is the 'Kitty Kitty'. I also have worn the 'Glitz Blitz' which is just a simple gold glitter. Not worth $8.50 IMO because I can create that look easily with gold glitter nail polish. 

'Kitty Kitty'

'Laced Up'

A little team spirit - 'hook'em horns'!

Pinterest inspired (I can't for the life of me find the link. sorry)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

dear self,

The little things in life are just as magnificent as the big, some times even more so. Don't forget it. :)

                                                                          Source: weheartit.com via A.Sharie on Pinterest

                                                                          Source: Uploaded by user via Kara on Pinterest

Snuggling with my fur baby reading good books.

Country dancing with good friends.

Yummy brunches with the hubs at my favorite, ZTejas.

Even though Gunnar got a terrible haircut, he's still absolutely adorable.

Best friend's newborn baby.

Momma's birthday dinner and family time.

Hubs best friend's oldest son first time to rodeo...age 4! :)

Being face to face with huge bucking bulls!

Love my handsome cowboy!

2012 has been quite a lovely year so far.