Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Wait, you bought them...WTW?!"

I feel compelled to write a very informal post about one of greatest beauty finds to date! Mostly because of a funny convo my friend/co-worker had this morning.

She pokes her head in my office to say "Good morning!" while she waits for her meeting in the next office. I pop my head over my monitors to say good morning back and see how her weekend was. She does a double take before she answers and asks "when did you get bangs?...I really like them!" I replied with a smirk "I bought them". Haha I wish I recorded her response..."wait, what? You BOUGHT them?"! I had to repeat myself a couple times that i did in fact buy my bangs!
I bought them and they're awesome for days I don't want to wash or brush my hair. Or for the days my hair is not cooperating and I threaten to cut bangs. Seriously they're awesome! You should get a pair and try'em out.
When I got mine they're a tad on the super shiny side (seriously what bishes hair is naturally that shiny) so I sprayed some dry shampoo and a little hairspray on them and voila, almost an exact match!

I found mine at Ulta for $30! I had a coupon that I found on the Internet because that's a little spency IMO.
Here's where you can find them: http://www.wigs.com/product_info.php?products_id=3752

Do any of y'all wear Fangs (fake bangs)?

Below are a couple of pics when I wore them last.

Happy holidays to ya and happy hair-doing!

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  1. Procrastinating writing a paper tonight (I have a title page!!!) and thought I'd pop over to G&T to see if there were any recent posts. Well fancy my surprise! New posts and wait! What's this? A conversation that seems awfully familiar...

    I look forward to your future posts!