Friday, February 3, 2012

channeling your inner snow bunny!

Friends I might be a little mega crazy excited because the hubs and some friends of ours are going skiing, boarding, ice skating, tubing etc in just a few weeks!! 

And because I am so excited I feel it completely necessary to lay out some outfit options, Apres Ski style... for when we aren't Gnar Gnaring Pow Pow all over the slopes!! Bro. haha jk on the bro part.

I'm really trying to use similar items to what I already own. But I have linked some cute options in case you are about to embark on an awesome trip filled with  fun snow activities too! 

First things first friends, always check the weather forecast. Even if you're from Austin where pretty much any temperature below 60 degrees is cold! hehe 

NINE DEGREES people...N-I-N-E!!! You have got to be kidding me...

Time to get crafty and shop my own closet! 

These outfit seems appropriate for dinner and drinks.

 by lefoof featuring zipper boots

This next option may look a little random but I have worn it before (not these exact items) and it is mega comfy and mega warm! This may be my outfit for the flight there and I'll put the beanie in my bag for quick access to cover up my freezing noggin' when we arrive in CO.

 by lefoof featuring flat boots

When I first saw this outfit on Pinterst I was SO excited because it just looks so cozy and happy. Maybe it's her, but either way I LOVE it. Sadly we really haven't had a winter to where I could sport snow boots and leg warmers. But NINE degree weather certainly seems appropriate!

 by lefoof featuring

And because I know you care here's my boarding attire. Yes I laid it out on the floor...what. I said I was excited. ;-) I added two new items this season, compliments of my sweet hubby (happy VDay! babe); these awesome neon yellowish green goggles and this totally necessary neon yellowish green neck gaiter.


hot toddy anyone?


  1. oh man!! Those goggles are awesome. I'm pretty sure it'd be okay to wear them while driving home from work... right? :)

  2. Thanks Ashley! And you know what, I was wondering how I was going to test them out! ;-) I'll be sure to post pictures when I do.