Friday, February 17, 2012

this crazy week.

Haven't had much time to blog lately during this crazy week. Here's a recap of the events. 

I had an extreme kick myself in the a$s moment on the way home from work. Don't ask, just look.
No one was injured and we both drove away just fine.
 Her car. Not so fine. I still feel horrible, but hey that 85 Volvo had to go right? ;-) She jumped out of the car almost cheering "YES! I get a new vehicle" ha. 

Hubs and I celebrated our VDay by dining at Vince Young Steak House. 
Hm, where to begin. Other than I'm going to write a review on Yelp and my only good comment is going to be that the filet that came with the surf and turf was AMAZING! 
But being hollered at "Hey Mamma!" by the waitstaff standing by the kitchen. The lack of politeness by our water was awful. We heard the specials via another waiter who had a table next to us and we didn't even get an amuse buche! 

But I snapped a cool pic waiting for valet. 

And we had a mini family "photo shoot" when we got home from dinner. 

Chaos ensued.

We couldn't get the camera to flash properly and Gunnar wouldn't sit still. 

So hubs said, give me the camera I'll take a good one. 

Woke up to this on VDay morning! :)

And was hand delivered these little smiles on a stick, with a kiss!! Seriously I am spoiled rotten and I love him so so VERY much for it!! 

 I gave myself a VDay mani.

My little brother is one of Cupids children born on Valentine's Day. We spent this year celebrating at Main Event and bowling for over 2 arms are sore. Can we say 'out of shape much'? haha

My brothers best buds from childhood. So crazy. They are so grown with child. Which means I am old. ;)

He just got his PADI Open Water Divers certification a couple weeks ago. So as a birthday present we got him the advanced course to continue on in his journey. So proud of my little brudda!

I have been needing some serious motivation to get back into my workout routine. So what better way than to put your hollyjollyoverstuffedwithyummyxmasbirthdayNYEcandiesandbooze self into one of these gems.
I'm actually really in love with this little number and am so ready for sunshine and poollakeriverocean madness! 

Exhibit A, MO-TI-VA-TION!

I also decided that I needed to kick my workout routine into overdrive so I started the Insanity workout which is exactly as it sounds. I am insanely sore today. 

Time to burn the butter baby!

Terry was pretty sick so I caught up on my girly shows; The Housewives of Beverly Hills and the OC. 

We had one vacancy this month at work. Was completed with repairs and renos on Tuesday, showed it on Wednesday and was leased on Thursday, they move in today! BANGARANG! 

Tonight is our office Happy Hour, should be interesting since there will only be like 9 of us going. 

Tomorrow I get to hang out with 'Thankgodfor Brianne' and my little boyfriend Andon! I'm so excited to squeeze them both and they get to meet Gunnar for the first time. 

T-MINUS 6 DAYS till I'll be doing this

okay it will probably look more like this

But at least I have goals right? :)

I hope you all have had a beautiful week with your loved ones and have an even better weekend ahead!! 


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  1. You are so cute, punkin! Are you going to do that insanity workout for 60 days? Straight? That is what we do in Jamie's circuit training class. With weights, without weights, its your choice. My hammies are screaming at me today! Drink lots of water :) I cant wait to see Gunnar tonight! *kn