Monday, February 13, 2012

Country Meets City: Our Love Story

Since it is February, the month of all things sweet and red and above all loooove *said in a lovey mushy voice*. I find it appropriate to do my first ever link-up, with 'From Mrs. to Mama'. She and all the other 'taken' and 'single' bloggers out there will be sharing their own personal love story.

So here it goes.  

I was a blond, outdoorsy city going gal and he was an all American country boy.

We met in a bar. 
Not just any old bar, a bar much like Coyote Ugly. Where we swung in the rafters and danced on the bars. Don't judge, it was part time. I was saving to go on a trip to Ireland. ;-)

                               That's me in the pink top.                                                           I'm under the girl in the red top on the left.

The Story Of Us
Written Specially for the Bride with love from the Groom {I am going to add in my side of the story. Sorry to do this babe as you are not here to rebuttal. ;-)} 
Weekend after weekend I would go in to her work to see her/stand at the back of the room with one hand in his pocket and the other with a Coors Light in it, staring at me like a really good lookin' creeper. ;-) I always would order from her (LIES! He always sent his friends up there to order for him to make him seem more mysterious) but kept the conversation light and open. She always smiled as though she was interested but never said anything that led me to believe that she was (this is probably true because he made me really nervous when he came around. I would always jump down off the bar when they came in) I usually had a group of fun loving friends ridiculously wild and more crazy than I had ever been around that acted as my shield and reason to be around her as she worked. I would play shy and coy (games! two can play at that) but let her catch me looking at her while she worked. It was a sexy, playful preamble to what was to come.
Finally, after many, many nights (like 4 months of him coming in every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) of flirtations and casual conversations with undertones of desire for one another, she wrote her phone number on my receipt (I comped half their tab and wrote my number on the receipt). I have to admit I was less than shocked. So many times I wanted to give her my number but was determined to wait for her to make the first move, and I could tell she wanted to (if I hadn't of done that we might still be playing these silly games as stubborn as he was. Some one had to break they cycle).
So after a few phone conversations we decide to meet at a bar on 6th Street where she and her friends had planned to be. I brought a couple of guys I grew up with so I wouldn't be the only guy there. (Which was awesome (and so sweet for going somewhere out of their comfort zone) because they stuck out like sore thumbs in their camo jackets, baseball caps, Wranglers and work boots, in a sea of all the DB's and wanna-be rico suave's) We had some drinks and bounced between a couple of bars and had a great time. I enjoyed her and her friends and she mine and everyone had a lot of fun! When it was over, I told her goodnight, told her I would call and walked away to my truck...but there was no way i was going to let her get away without a kiss.  After walking about 50 ft I turned around, sprinted back to her, grabbed her in my arms and gave her a hard, deep kiss that neither of us will ever forget! It was the start to an awesome story I'm sure you will enjoy!

 I'm so happy that 5 years ago Cupid shot his arrow of love through our hearts because every year has been filled with new adventures and amazing new memories made {big and small} with my best friend and the love of my life! 

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