Thursday, February 9, 2012

shop your own closet with outfit inspirations!

How many times have you stood half naked {no, you don't do that ;-)} in your closet thinking "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR"?! 

Seriously though, don't you hate that feeling? 
I mean you have a jam packed closet full of stuff and you can't figure out what to wear. Ridiculous right, well here are a couple tips to help you limit the amount of trips to buy something new for a certain occasion.

1. I recently reorganized my entire closet, part of my 2012 goals, not resolutions (big shout out to the hubs for the new shelf additions in our "office"). I hung all my tops according to  my fave colors first- it doesn't have to be organized according to the rainbow either. 

*reorganizing your closet also forces you to take a mental inventory of what you have, what you have to much of, what you're lacking etc. 

I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe quite frankly! That makes me and my checking account very happy. 

2. Find pictures of celebrities, look on fashion blogs or Pinterest to find outfit inspirations. You can bookmark the link, save the picture to your phone or desktop or pin them and refer back to them later. 

I have been following this blog called The Budget Babe that I absolutely adore. She posts pictures like the one below of celebrities in very wearable outfits and finds pieces at a more affordable cost to recreate them. Brilliant! 

All the items used to recreate these outfits are from my own closet. I didn't purchase anything to create these looks.

I wore this on a chilly afternoon to run errands. 

White fur vest from Old Navy, was a gift MANY years ago that I could not part with! It has a hood AND it's reversible. 
Striped boat neck top from f21 (similar here)
Cobalt blue skinnies from Target (similar here)
Girls "suede" "uggs" ;-) from Old Navy (not available online, similar here)
Parachute cord bracelet from local Army Surplus store (similar here)
Brown wrap watch (similar here)

My inspiration came from one of my favorite fashion blogs, J's Everyday Fashion. When I saw this post I thought to myself how in the world did she come up with this because these are pieces I would NEVER in a million years have put together. But she made it look so great and it turns out I had something similar in my closet to every piece she had on!

Thanks 'J' for your beautiful inspiration!

This I wore last Friday night to the Austin Fashion Week: Beauty Goes Red Event benefiting the American Heart Association. 

White blazer from a local boutique (similar here)
Floral ruffle tank from LOFT, last summer (similar here)
Red skinnies from Target (similar here)
Nude platform heels from Agaci Too (similar here)
Red tribal earring from Target (similar here)

I hope this helps inspire you to shop your own closet and create some great outfits you normally wouldn't put together! 

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