Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the sock bun

I've had my eye on this trend that kept popping up all over Pinterest aka my obsession. 

Finally I decided to do a little research on how to do this fancy little no heat curling trick, yes I repeat NO HEAT! I have to say I was little skeptical after I got the sock in, but the results were actually quite amazing! Even the hubs said "holy expletive, NO WAY! It's beautiful! That was worth losing a sock for." 
So here are my crappy pictures from my phone and a few extra tricks on how to try it out for yourself.

Hair before it went into the sock bun

Le Sock Bun...goodnight

 Hair right after I pulled out the sock bun. Those 3 crazy ends sticking up at the top of my head are my bangs (more on that later)

Over exposed, fuzzy close up after running my hands through it (my hair is really not this orange)

After I calmed down the frizz and put some hair spray in it...voila, Le Sock Bun Curls!

You will need: 
1 tube sock (preferably not a mans sock, it creates too big of a "donut" and you will end up with more waves than curls)
Cut the toe part off the sock
Pony tail holder
Spray bottle with water

How to create The Sock Bun Curls:
Flip your head over and make a ponytail right on the top of your head. Don't fasten the ponytail holder too tight or you will get a kink in the morning. 
Spritz the hair sticking out of the ponytail and get it pretty wet, not soaking, but more than damp. 
Brush through it to smooth it out. 
Slip the donut onto your hair and pull all the way to the ends.
This is the tricky part if you have lots of layers; pull your over the donut and start tucking your hair under then just slowing start rolling the donut down towards your head. 
There is no need to fasten it with anything as it is very secure once you've rolled it all the way down. 
Go to bed and undo and wake up to fabulous curls in the morning! 
*My bangs got kinked really funny so I ended up flat ironing them. I think the next time I will pull my bangs out before I make the high ponytail and just bobby pin them back.*

This picture kind of shows it step by step. 

If you have shorter hair, maybe try doing two really small donuts more towards the back of your head to see if that works. 
Next time I will be cutting my sock my shorter so that the donut is not so fat; that way I will get tighter curls.

P.S. This sock bun can also be used to create a very elegant 'Carrie Bradshaw' bun. Just leave a few pieces out before you twist down onto your head and then wrap them around the bun and secure with some bobby pins.


Let me know if you try it and how it turns out! 

I really do love donuts, 

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