Tuesday, November 8, 2011

random outfits + the 'rule of 5'

I've always sort lived by this rule of thumb when getting dressed, to always have 5 pieces on. I'm not sure when or why I adopted this rule; probably my Momma. She's pretty fab! 
I feel like I am more 'put together' and that the outfit is more visually appealing. Now obviously there can be exceptions to this rule i.e. an evening gown. Keep in mind these 5 items can be anything from your shoes, necklace, a watch, belt, purse, earrings, pants, cardigan, scarf etc. But these are just my guidelines, maybe you could try it out and see if it snazzes up your outfits more, or heck maybe you already wear 5+ pieces.  

a night out with the ladies| this seems to be my "go to" night out outfit 

1. A flowy, cute top. I found mine at of course, Target. It's hard to see in the picture but it has gold polka dots all over it. 
2. My new Kendra Scott Zahara  necklace. I think a statement piece is always important to wear when going out...especially if you're single and on the "hunt". It gives guys a good 'ice breaker' conversation starter. However, I am not on the hunt and sometimes I wear several 'statement' pieces, mostly because I love to accessorize.
3. I love animal prints so I don't think you can go wrong with a snakeskin or cheetah print clutch. It adds a little pizazz to your outfit. 
4. Nude heels from Charlotte Russe for a whopping $30!
5. Black skinny jeans, a staple wardrobe item; slimming, sexy and super versatile. Let me tell you a little secret for all your shorties out there: these skinnies are from Target's Girls section for $12!! 
6. Hand me down snake cuff
7. Turquoise gladiator cuff from Charming Charlies

i <3 football | a cute tailgating outfit

This is kind of what my outfit looked like from this weekend. 
1. Black tights
2. Burnt Orange Longhorns t-shirt
3. Furry white vest (because we finally got cold weather!)
4. Boot socks pulled a couple inches above my boots and slouched
5. Nice pair of flat boots, comfy for walking all over campus
6. My new black cross body hand bag (not a Marc Jacobs, but it looks very similar to it)
7. I forgot to include it in the picture but I scored this adorable Leather Wrap Watch that I am in LOVE with. It looks similar to this one except it is brown leather and has gold studs one one wrap and rhinestones on the other. 
7. Last but not least, we decided to take Gunnar with us to tailgate- he was my statement piece! haha


happy Tuesday lovelies,

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