Tuesday, November 1, 2011

take your maxi from summer to fall!

First off, please excuse my lengthy absence. I have been mega sick (stupid Austin allergens and boo on whoever gave me this pesky little virus) and then Halloween snuck up on us and we had some drama go down at one of our rental properties that has majorly consumed my motivation to be near a 'smart' device i.e. phone, computer, ipad. 

Anywho, since the holidays are upon us and I've been trying REAL hard to be diligent with my 12 step shopaholic program (not really a thing, but sometimes I think it should be) I decided to go through my closet and figure out how I can recycle a lot of my pieces or just wear them in different ways to make them feel fun and new. I reallyreallyreally love wearing maxi dresses; they make me feel tall and elegant. Two things that don't happen often unless I'm in 4" heels or...a maxi. Unfortunately the hubs is not a huge fan of them so I don't wear them very much, usually just with the gals. But I thought maybe I could I figure out how to wear them more often when he's not around and what a more perfect place, then work! 

*These pics were taken after my second day back to work from being sick and after my awesome date with NyQuil. So I did wake up thinking 'hot damn i feel amazing' ...and again, I look like a grease monkey in my pics. Note to self: apply a little powder before next photo sesh mmkay. ;-) 

So here's the recipe for this SUPER comfy and cute little ensemble:
Maxi Dress
Contrasting color button up, I found mine recently at Le Target for $20! Leave the top 2 or 3 buttons undone then button the rest to the center of your chest. Tuck the shirt up underneath and tie the ends in a knot and tuck the tails up underneath. 
Add a cute waist belt. 
Throw on some fun accessories and shoes (I would have worn wedges to dress it up a bit more for work but I "hemmed" this dress to wear with flat sandals) and voila! 

You could also do: maxi dress, blazer and put the belt over the blazer with some cute wedges or heels to pull this look off for work. To keep from looking frumpy or little house on the prairie, make sure your maxi isn't ball gown style with tons of extra material. 

What do ya think? Would y'all wear this work? 

Vitamin C Overload, 
Le Foof

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