Friday, October 21, 2011

i'm such a lucky gal

T gets home from work yesterday and says "Babe! I want to buy you something. Something pretty and nice". I giggle and of course I say "youuuu betcha"! Because any wife in their right mind would never turn down or question the reason behind a sudden urge of generosity from their hubby. He did tell me it was just because, and because he hasn't bought me anything in a while and it is long over due. (I'm giggling like a school girl as I type this) Of course I don't ever expect any material items from him ever because he shows me with his heart and actions and words on the daily how much he loves me. But ladies, let's not kid ourselves - what woman doesn't like them some fabulous surprises from time to time?! 
So guess where we go? To my most favorite jewelry designer Kendra Scott, who happens to be located right here in the heart of Texas! Her designs are fabulous and what's even more exciting is they have an in house Color Bar  where basically you pick the style of  jewelry you like and can insert any colored stone you like!! How lucky am I (my pocket book, not so lucky). But luckily my pocket book need not fret this trip as T took me to the store and we picked out a fabulous piece together! So much fun! He has such good taste too.  

We ended up picking out the 'Zahara' necklace and I am so anxious to wear it this weekend! 

What do you think? Who is your favorite jewelry designer?


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