Wednesday, October 19, 2011

busy weekend re-cap

Howdy doo everyone! What a wonderful busy weekend we had, jam packed full of events. The 'festivities' started on Thursday evening and didn't end until Monday night! That wares me out just typing that. 
We started our Thursday out with Lone Stars and Angels party benefiting St. Jude's foundation that was held at the beautiful Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.  Not only was it filled with an open bar, great catering, silent auction and live music by Cory Morrow, it very much focused on why were there; to raise money for childrens cancer research. Such a beautiful event!
Anna and I outside the Bob Bullock

Cory Morrow and I!

What in the world you say?! Well we decided it was completely mandatory to stop in front of the Capital building for a quickie photo shoot! Because that's what you do after an open bar event and are 2 blocks from the State Capital. 

A good friend of mine had this wonderful idea to celebrate her birthday with some close friends by taking a Belly Dancing class! She of course has been going for years and was great at it. But the rest of us had no idea what we were getting in to. She surprised us all before class with our very own belly dancing hip sashes to help us accentuate our shimmies. I only snapped this one picture because we were all so excited for the class to start. 

So my Mom is pretty much an amazing woman and I aspire to be just like her every day as I 'grow-up'. One of the reasons I find her to be so amazing is she is a running and cycling machine! Her and her boyfriend are members of the Georgetown Triathletes club (he does Iron Man's, which is a story for a whole other blog post at a later date). Anyhow they had a social event at Mel's Lone Star bowling alley this weekend that myself, the hubs, my little brother and his girlfriend all attended. Theme: Crazy hats & Socks! 

We ended up going two-steppin' later that night but were having such a blast I only managed to get one 'awkward face' photo. LOL! Chase calls that his two-steppin' face. Any takers, ladies?! :)

We stopped by a friends for an afternoon BBQ birthday celebration, where I also failed to capture the moments. Mostly because I was having play referee between Gunnar and Dixie, this adorable beagle/collie mix with a serious Diva attitude. Let's just say shenolikie wittle Gunnarman. It was a great time with some good laughs. I also found out that the birthday boys family sells a wine to H-E-B called 'Meat and Potatoes' which is such a cute name for a Texas vino. So if you happen to find this wine in your local H-E-B please grab me a bottle or let me know which store location! 

Gunnar had his first trip to the park this weekend! Oh my goodness he had the best time playing fetch and running around with all the other dogs. I never knew a little dog could run so fast for such long periods of time. 

Monday night was a night that I won't ever forget, it was definitely a "check" off of one to-do on mine and the hubs bucket list. We got to see the man, the legend, Mr. George Strait in concert!!! AND Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Asleep At The Wheel, Randy Rogers Band and the Dixie Chicks at the Wildfire Relief Benefit Concert! This past Labor Day weekend Central Texas was struck with a terrible record setting wild fire that burnt over 600 homes and charred more than 30,000 acres between Bastrop and Paige, TX. Bastrop is a beautiful town about 30 miles East of Austin, as you can see in the 2nd pic below Austins skyline and the smoke from the fire right behind it. 

This concert was absolutely amazing and how well it was organized for how quickly it was put together was very impressive. Erwin Center Director John Graham said. "Normally something like this takes four to six months to put together, and this came together in five weeks." Three cheers to everyone involved!

Ray Benson and Willie Nelson! 

Oh George, how we love you in those perfectly starched Wranglers!

The whole party rockin' crew!

Until next time "Party on Wayne. Party on Garth", 

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