Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my birchbox review

My Birchbox came in last week and let me tell it was very much worth the $10! All of the samples are sizes that you can get a couple uses out of! 

It comes sweetly wrapped inside a hot pink outer box and then inside is a lovely box (reusable, IMO) with their foil logo. 

Gunnar wanted to help open up all the products i.e. play with all the extra cardboard and tissue papers. 

I've tried all the products so far except the oil for your hair and the clothes shampoo (plan on trying that one tonight). The mask smelled great and made my skin feel soft. The Spackle is a primer that has just a touch of bronzer in it. I almost could pull it off without any make up over it. But my regular make-up blended nicely with it. The lip plumping lip gloss was a beautiful color that enhances your natural lip color. Did my lips actually get more plump, I don't think so. But it gave just a touch of tingle to make it feel like they could. 

All in all I loved it and can't wait to see what November's box has in store! 

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