Wednesday, October 12, 2011

girl power!

Walking by our conference room this morning I caught the tail end of this CNN Money bit called 'Best Jobs in America'. The TV was on mute but I saw people doing Bikram Yoga and to my amazement the instructors make on average $62k a year! Woah nelly!! I've always wanted to be a part time yoga instructor and part time hair stylist. I will do it, it will just be later in life. So anyhow I thought I'd check it out to see if my job title was listed...of course not. ;-) I am a lucky girl to have grown so much in my current position and I do love the people I work for (the story of growth will come at a later time). Anywho, I ended up finding this great link that really made me have a proud female moment, kind of like this:

25 and Under: Next-gen female entrepreneurs how great is this?! I love when there is good news like this. So here are some of the great businesses these girls have started, some as young as 11, yes ELEVEN! 

Rookie Magazine:
15 year old Tavi Gevinson
  " no-nonsense, "honest" content about fashion, feminism, and life issues for girls -- much like Jane Pratt's Sassy provided a breath of fresh air for feministas in the 1980s and early `90s. "

22 year old Juliette Brindak
" offers an insulated, supportive space for female tweens. Brindak hopes to provide an open atmosphere that boosts its users self-esteem."

Getaround Car Sharing:
24 year old Jessica Scorpio
"What makes Getaround impressive? The company allows drivers in San Diego and San Francisco to share their cars in an arrangement that Scorpio describes as Airbnb without the security and safety concerns. Unlike ZipCar, which provides a similar service, Getaround users can make money by sharing their cars (some have made up to $10,000.)"

Now this woman wasn't featured in the CNN Money article but I feel should be featured in this particular blog post because she to is a female entrepreneur. She is someone close to me who is constantly seeking to better her business and herself and never ceases to inspire or amaze. She started up this great company Shorebreak Consultants "streamlines the city and development processes for residential and commercial development projects." You don't even have to be located deep in the heart of Texas either to 
utilize her services; cuz she's international baby! 

we CAN do it, HAVE done it and are STILL doing it, 
Le Foof

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  1. Awww, thanks girl! Literally... got teary eyed when I read this one! Thanks for your support!!