Tuesday, October 11, 2011

weekend re-cap

Hidey-ho my friends, I trust you all had a fabulous weekend! I certainly did, mostly because it was a fulfilling weekend spent connecting and reconnecting with two of my favorites. It's crazy how even if you don't think something with a friend is affecting you, how much it really subconsciously does. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends!

T and I went to the movies to see Ides of March. I give it one and a half thumbs up (can it be rated with a half of a thumb? LOL sure it can, it's my blog!); stand up cast, great acting, good story. But then the end, I mean seriously I would have willingly sat in the theater another 30 minutes for them to finish out the story. Which is the reason it got half a thumbs down. 

Even though it was a huge loss for my dearest Longhorns at the annual Red River Rivalry, my friends and I still had a swell time! We met at Abel's on the Lake for brunch, booze and football! Even though the Horns lost we got a TON of much needed rain, which was a win in my book! 
A Longhorn and a Wolverine!

In Texas we chase beer with beer! 

Abel's was almost at capacity; look at all that burnt orange!

What do you get when a Badger, 2 Longhorns and a Wolverine walk into a bar? I'm not sure but I think that pretty much sums up this picture. 

I took Gunnar to his first grooming appointment - 3 1/2 hours...seriously, he weighs 5 pounds! LOL But doesn't he look so handsome in his new Halloween fleece?

I met up with Anna again for my second 'bar method' workout. Oi vay my entire body is sore, even muh bones! So 'dad' and Gunnar decided to hangout and watch football and boy shows while I went and worked on my fitness. 

Anna and I met up and had sushi at Sushi Zooshi and went shopping at The Domain. What a fab way to spend the afternoon! It wasn't a major splurge fest for me as I have been doing that literally since the moment we got back from our honeymoon. But I did luck out with some fabulous Jessica Simpson look a like nude patent leather platform pumps for only $30 smackaroos! Le cute!

I also popped into Bath & Body Works because I needed a new Scentportables for my car. These are wonderful and smell up your car perfectly. T thinks they are way too strong and always moves it when he drives, but I quite enjoy it. I chose the Halloween edition Skull in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (it glows in the dark too). I'm a sucker for holiday deco. 

still rain dancing, 

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