Thursday, October 13, 2011

OOTD: Wear To Work Wednesday

So I thought I'd try out the whole, take a picture of your OOTD (outfit of the day) and post a pic for everyone because I thought I pulled it together nicely for work yesterday morning...LOL boy-o-boy the camera is not so friendly after an 8 hour work day with no make-up prepping (please ignore missgreasyfacemcgee!). This also gave me the opportunity to sign up for Polyvore and try out the whole create your own fashion board thing for myself and for others to be inspired by . I tried to recreate my look as close as possible (this one was done on the fly, I promise they will get better if I decide to do it again). Anyhow here is the Polyvore look AND (be nice friends) my actual work look. 

Wear To Work Wednesday

Button front cardigan
$35 -

Juicy Couture rib tank
$42 -

Old Navy open toe wedge
$15 -

Ajito faux leather handbag
$92 -

Kendra Scott gold plated jewelry
$60 -

Oh and Gunnar says "hi blog friends!" This is before we took him to get his hair cut. He sort of looks like a Mogwai (from Gremlins) with those big old ears, except WAY cuter IMO. 


Hooray the work week is almost over and I'm so ready for all the fun things we have planned and wonderful people we get to see! 


  1. Very nice! Did you wear your Kendra Scott earrings?

  2. Thanks, Crys! I didn't wear my Kendra's because they're turquoise. But now I look at the outfit and think I could have pulled them off.