Thursday, October 20, 2011

glow in the dark make-up...yes please!

It's no secret, I'm kind of obsessed with make-up. And not just the dewey natural or smokey eye look. I love to experiment with all types of looks. This new make-up is so awesome and just in time for Halloween! Who says scary can't be pretty?! 

"MAKE UP FOR EVER is taking artistry to the next level with the launch of an innovative new tool to ensure your makeup stands out. For the ultimate nighttime “glow,” MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces new Fluo Night, a translucent powder that enhances any make up to light up the face and body so it glows in the dark.  This universal loose powder can be combined with any cream, powder or gel based product to create a glow in the dark effect, without altering the original product’s hue. The ultimate day to night make up, Fluo Night will transform your favorite products so they become visible under Ultraviolet light, while remaining completely natural looking in everyday lighting.
To create Fluo Night, MAKE UP FOR EVER patented a new technology that allows certain pigments to become illuminated under Ultraviolet light. Fluo Night’s glowing effect is produced when the extra fine powder reacts with Ultraviolet light, which has a lower wavelength that is invisible to the naked eye."
I plan to pop into Sephora very soon to see if I can get them to mix me up a sample because let's be honest, $31 for something I will wear oh maybe two times a year...a bit steep IMO.  

glow in the dark sparkle glitter rave on friends,

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