Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wear to work : dresses & tights = love!

The weather has become much chillier, as it should in December. Recently I find myself wanting to wear some combination of dresses with tights/leggings/opaques (whatever you call'em) and boots! Seems silly since the highs have only been in the 40's, but I find it so comfy and cozy. 

Example of what I wore yesterday:
- Classic white button-up 
- Blue v-neck dress 
- Mustard or Ochre colored tights
-Tan and camel colored waist belt
-Animal print scarf
-Tortoise watch
-Simple gold earrings
-Brown knee high boots

Check it out - I Googled 'mustard tights and boots' and look what I found! Ha, great minds!

Example of what I'm wearing today:
-Print dress
-Camel sweater over the dress
-Black tights
-Brown knee high boots
-A pop of color turquoise earrings
-Brown wrap watch

This is sort of what I did with the dress I have on today. I bought it to wear to a July wedding and I am wearing it layered now in December! 

P.S. Target has an amazing selection of colored footed tights that are SO ridiculously soft, for only $4!! Seriously, I picked up four pairs the other day - black, mustard, navy blue and magenta! Hurry and stock up ladies, these are a necessary for the winter! 

peppermint bark and jingle bells, 


  1. I'm wearing a dress, tights and boots today too! I haven't bought into colored tights yet, but I've got on a poppin' magenta tank dress, black tights, black riding boots and an AWESOME 1-strand rockstar necklace. :) Great minds DO think alike!

  2. Megan your outfit sounds bright and super rockstar! If you have a link to a picture I'd love to see it. Thanks for the comment! :)