Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wear to work : magenta!

Friends, I have something I need to admit...I think I might have an obsession with magenta. I wouldn't necessarily say magenta is my favorite color but seriously my closet is FILLED with it! As I look through some of my photos I realize there is this sort of bright trend going on.For some reason I am just really drawn to this color when I'm shopping.

Anyhow today's blog and my wear to work outfit of the day is brought to you by the color Magenta

This little number I have on here:
Cardigan: F21 
White top: Charlotte Russe
Cropped Pants, yellow belt and snakeskin pumps: Target

 Did you know when I was 6 I wrote to Matel asking them to please give Barbie some other color options besides pink?! I hated pink and was very frustrated that in order to get other colors with my Barbies I had  buy other dolls clothes. Well many moons later, here I am covered in it! I think I blame part of this on the hubs, a blame I'm sure he is okay with.

pink panther, pink floyd,

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  1. Hah, I never noticed it, but that is a lot of magenta! It looks good on you though, so you may as well. Now, if it was lime green, I may help stage an intervention!