Saturday, January 14, 2012

my favorite products: make-up & skin care

Anyone who knows me or has seen my make-up bag {or my bathroom} can attest to my product addiction.  However, recently I haven't been quite the product collector as I used to be, because I have finally found some products that work great for me! I get compliments on my make-up and skin every now and then so I wanted to share with you lovelies my favorite products. Maybe you too will find something on here that you have been searching for that will turn into your favorite! 

daytime favorites:
this stuff rocks! minus the price tag. But it's so worth it. I have been using it for at least ten years. You can sweat in it, put it on lightly for a pretty day look, layer it on a little heavier for an evening look. However, I tried the new Matte product and I broke out the very next day. I think I was allergic to it. 
just enough bronze for the months I see less sun
I used to be scared of using creamy cheek products but these are lovely. A few little dabs give you just enough stain and these have a touch of extra dewy glow to them.
4. Revlon Grow Lucious Mascara | 
this mascara does what it says. I love it, read here
I love gold toned eye shadows and not to mentions ones that enhance your specific eye color.

evening favorites:
6. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in colorless or Laura Geller Spackle in Bronze |
I always use either one of these for special events or if I know photos are going to be taken. However, you could almost use the LG Spackle all by itself without any other make up for the day time. 
7. Bath & Body Works Naughty, color changing lip gloss |
this was a very recent find. It has a great flavor, isn't too sticky and the color is really pretty. I actually use this during the day sometimes. 
8. ELF Shimmering Face Whip in Lilac Petal | 
this adds a pretty dewy shimmer for the evening. You have to be careful with how much you apply. Also don't put it over your problem areas (ie acne) because it will enhance it in a negative way.
9. Take a sip of your pregame cocktail... ;-) or maybe I had one too many cocktails while numbering the pic.
10. Tarte EmphasEyes Eyebrow pencil |
my Momma told me about this one and I am in love! It's so subtle and you don't get the 'I markered my eyebrows on' look. 
I have very 'crepe-y' eyelids that don't like to show pigment in eyeshadows very well and that's where this comes in. It's like magic for my eyelids. 
12. Maybelline Define A Line liner | 
I like this because you can be very dramatic with the application or you can use the little smudger tip to give your look a little more a smoky look.
13. Sephora how to do Smokey Eyes kit | 
this kit is fab because it gives you step-by-step directions (with pictures) on how to do the smokey eye look. Genius. 

happy face:
1. Olay total effects foaming facial cleanser |
I love this face wash because it bubbles up and I can use it over my eyes (even though it says not to)
2. Olay Complete all day UV moisturizer for combination/oily skin | 
I have been using this every day (and night) for probably 10 years. I love it, hands down. It's not greasy, it has a nice smell, it goes on nicely under make-up. 
3. Philosophy Turbo C Booster powder | 
a friend of mine introduced this to me a couple years ago and I use every so often and when I do, you can notice a difference a couple hours later. 
4. Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating wash |
another friend of mine recommended this product to me and I love it. It makes you face and your hands so super duper soft. 
I like this product because it absorbs quickly but I haven't noticed a dramatic difference. 
I have been using this since HS and I swear by. Especially for spot checking pimples. If I notice one coming in I put a dab of this on it before I go to bed and the next morning it's either gone or depending how bad, it's reduced by like 50%. No lie. 

Do you use any of these products or do you have any absolute favorites that you have found recently? Just because I found my faves doesn't mean I'm not opposed to still testing out and trying new ones. Especially if it has to do with eye creams. 

here's to being a girl, 


  1. Olay Complete has been in my bag since I started wearing moisturizer and SPF on the daily! Boom!! And Falsies was number 9... which you posted about earlier... and which I loooove! Huge fan of mac eye shadows because I think the pigments hold up on my lids a lot longer. I'm going to give these primers a whirl!! ;-)

  2. Ha! Maybe I had a cocktail while writing the post (thanks for catching that!). My Grandmother wore Olay ever since I can remember and same with my Mom too. The smell of the moisturizer reminds me of my Grandma. Thanks for the tip on the MAC eye shadows, I'll have to check them out.