Thursday, January 12, 2012

first blog request : sass up my closet full of stripes! pt . 1

I'm so excited friends, I have received my first blog post request! Okay okay, yes it's from one of my besties. But whatevs, a request is a request right?! (Bare with me as I am very green with these.) I would love to hear any other request you hotties may have, too! 

Request: Help! I have a closet full of stripes and blue and gray. How can I sass up my wardrobe with a few simple, inexpensive pieces?!

Suggestion: Sorry for starting with a 'wear to work' type outfit. But let me suggest easily paring this cardigan, stripe T and yellow belt with a pair of dark wide leg jeans (40% off right now!) and a neutral pair of flats (yes a metallic flat can be considered a neutral!) or heels (blog friends, I know these heels aren't exactly budget friendly, but a birdy told me the person requesting this blog just added them to her closet).

Tip: When mixing patterns be sure to keep the colors in the same family. Ex: my T and cardigan both have beige tones to them. Brighten it up with a small pop of color and keep the bottom very simple (black or dark denim)
 Voila! Super cute, sassy outfit!

A few Pinterest inspirations on mixing in some sass with your stripes:

This is a very bold but super cute example (I think I'm going to try out my own version of this). 

                                                                  Source: via Caite on Pinterest

She kept her scarf and long sleeve T in the same color family (easy to do with blacks and grays) and kept it simple on the bottom with black skinnies and black booties. 

                                                                          Source: via Christi on Pinterest

I hope this gets the wheels turning to help you shop your own closet to make a couple great new outfits! I'm excited to do pt. 2 of 'sass up my closet full of stripes'!

oh you sassy huh,


  1. Cute. And I like that you included pieces from my two favorite stores!! Pretty sure I'm going to head to the mall this weekend and snag those jeans. :) Thanks, Li!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm excited to come help you 'shop your closet' and do part 2 blog post!

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...