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2011, you are a year I will NEVER forget!

I know they say time flies when you get older but I can't even begin to describe how quickly 2011 went by! Clearly because we are already four days in to 2012 and I'm just posting my year in review.
 I feel like just yesterday I was walking down the isle to marry my best friend and the most amazing man I have ever met! I dream about it all the time and wish that every weekend was wedding weekend. I never was that girl to have her wedding all picked out or dream about the day I'd get married. But let me tell you, if I knew how exciting and how much fun it was to plan, I would have been thinking about it a long time ago. 
Warning: this post is going to be full of photos. :)

JANUARY | Each new year always starts out great for me because my birthday is in the first week of the New Year! We ended up doing a birthday 'Bowl-O-Rama; crazy hats and socks required' theme.

Tons of birthday love with all of my favorites!

Holiday themed bridal shower

Where the theme was ornaments and anything Christmas related

A few of my beautiful bridesmaids, Jr. bridesmaid and the flower girl

I took one of my girlfriends and Maid of Honor to see GirlTalk where we ended up being asked to go back stage and dance on the stage! 

After 2 straight hours of dancing. No seriously, we didn't stop for 2 hours. I had bruises on my hand where my bracelets were smashing from all the crazy fist pumping. LOL 

FEBRUARY | The hubs planned a surprise Valentine's Day sunset hike at Enchanted Rock. Look at that beard, sexy mountain man!

Stock the Bar couples shower, where we got so much alcohol that we took the last two bottles to the New Years party this past weekend!

T has a huge family and his sisters wanted to host a beautiful outdoors Bridal Shower. My Momma, me and Mother in law, who I call MomG. 

I always wanted a sister and more girls in the family...look at all my new sisters, nieces and cousins! So blessed. :)

MARCH | I got to go with 7 of my favorite girlfriends on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico! My first time on a cruise and first big girls vacay. It was more than fabulous! 

Sailing, snorkeling, drinking and dancing- perfection!

Life is filled with ups and downs and this month we were faced with a very difficult 'down'. We had to make a very difficult decision to put to sleep T's American Black Lab, Beaucephus Collie. As I type this I still get choked up and tears well in my eyes. It was by far one of the hardest things I have had to experience in my life. 

RIP Beaucephus Collie 10/5/1998 - 3/18/2011 What an amazing, handsome and loyal dog you were, you will be missed and never forgotten.

It's so hard segway to the next event after that. But like I said, up's and down's. 

I think I have mentioned before that I never thought of my self as the big wedding type (I just pictured a small very informal celebration). Well when you marry into a large family and your HB is the youngest of 6, a large celebration is in order. So as a wedding present one of his sister's gifted to me 'Bridal Portraits'. What a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to all brides-to-be. 

APRIL aka Wedding Month! | My MOH and bridesmaids hosted a beautiful Vintage themed Bridal Shower for me the first weekend in April. Which was perfect because that was the weekend T had his bachelor party. Still no pictures have surfaced from his party...*squintysideeyed look* hehe 
The only "picture" I have, a mere logo I designed for the koozies.
This is my favorite picture from the shower, look how happy everyone is! 

One of the several fun games we played

And then the most wonderful day of my life thus far; the day I married my best friend and man of my dreams! 

My little family. tehe

Hub's huge family, yes this is just his family! Love it!

My brother and my Grandpa, they walked me down the isle.

There was nothing traditional about our wedding, which is exactly how we wanted it. Every little detail was something that had a meaning dear to us. For example my wedding cake, T made this cake tier. The top layer looked similar to the strap on my dress which was a sparkly lace and T's cake looked like leather; kind of representing us both. The cups are filled with his Mom's handmade (yes they hand made 175 cups) of Banana Puddin'. Which is the best pudding you will ever eat! No lie, girl scouts honor!

MAY | We got to go on our first big trip out of the country together. It was T's first stamp in his passport! We packed our bags for an all inclusive trip to the Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas. 


My first time deep sea fishing was amazing, even though we only two fish in four hours. I know! Our captain sucked and was interested in steering the boat with his foot and text messaging. But the deckhand was very friendly and made it very enjoyable. He filleted the Mahi Mahi right on the boat and walked us to a great Greek restaurant tucked away in downtown Nassau where they cooked our catch for lunch! 

Headed to snorkel, a little nervous we were going to see one of the above left fish...Oooooh Barracuda! But we didn't, thankfully. 

A couple weeks after our return I bought my very first car, no co-signer, nada, just my new name on the title! Whoop! I love my fully loaded Escape, she's a beaut!

JUNE | Christmas 2010 I bought Terry lessons to fly a plane and his first pilot hour. We had been putting off for quite some time due to all the wedding planning (obvi, it's June he just used it). He is now hooked! He loves it and his goal (over several years of course) is get his pilot license. 

We made several trips to the coast this summer, it was 'Escahpay's' first big trip to Port Aransas! 

Our friends daughter and I, she was a little fish that did not want to leave the water. 

Jean shorts with the pockets hanging out and wedges was the go-to summer look...obvi! 

JULY | I had my TEN year high school reunion!! AHH, that's so crazy to say that. I was honestly nervous to go, I don't know why because it ended up being a great time and I reconnected with some old friends. I also passed my Texas Real Estate Licensing exam!! 

For the 4th of July we stayed the weekend in Palacios, a great little shrimping town off the Gulf of Mexico. My Mom's boyfriends family owns a shrimping boat and they took us out on it! It was a freaking blast! We were almost hand feeding the dolphins. That white spot in the lower left hand of the picture is the edge of the boat! 
T helping repair a hole in the net. 
A little hammerhead that came in from one of the drags!

AUGUST | My girlfriend decided she wanted celebrate her birthday VEGAS style! She found a rockin' deal on a hotel and we had VIP every where we went, so basically we paid nada the whole entire trip. It was a killer time! 

My other besty and I went to see Ke$ha and LMFAO- here we are party rockin'! 

SEPTEMBER | T's birthday month! We decided to spend the holiday weekend and his birthday with two of our great friends that recently moved to Oceanside, CA.

We ended up getting free box seats to see the Padres VS. the Giants game! Thank you USO for the tickets! 

This is the hill from Top Gun (hubs fav movie) where he speeds away on his bike after leaving her house. 

One of my besty's decided to do her dirty 30 birthday party a little different than the norm. We celebrated with a 'kids' themed party with costumes, balloons, tons of candy and a pinata! 

I went to Austin City Limits Festival with another besty of mine, see here. I  found a new passion of mine by starting this fabulous blog.  

OCTOBER | This might be my favorite time of year because it marks the beginning of the holidays and the decorating and dressing up- I love it! 
The hubs and I went as Lady Gaga and Keith Stone

We got our sweet little Gunnar furbaby! Look at how little he was just 3 short months ago!

We got to see the man, the legend, George Strait in concert

NOVEMBER | We spent the weekend at the coast again, this time in Rockport; kayaking, eating, watching football and the best part, hanging out with family. 

We found out he likes to swim...a lot. We will be purchasing a life jacket for him for sure!

Gunnar was in his first ever puppy parade in Palcios, Tx! He didn't win but that's okay he did such a great job and the two other family dogs took 1st and 3rd place!  

DECEMBER | Was a whirlwind with out a doubt. Went to a baby shower, hosted a holiday party, saw the Nutcracker ballet with my girlfriends, T had another football tournament, I won 2nd in our holiday office party game, went to several holiday parties, one of which was an ugly sweater party. Saw Love Actually in theaters, and had the most lovely first Christmas as a Mrs.! 

2011 you pretty much rocked my world and 2012 has some huge shoes to fill! 

Cheers to all our blessings in life and the people who make every single day special and the reason they call it the present, 

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