Thursday, January 5, 2012

the last year of my roaring 20's!

Hooray for my birthday! I love birthday's no matter how old you or I get. I will always look forward to them and celebrate them like a kiddo. Ya and that's right, I gave away my age! haha But you know what, it's okay because a friend of mine told me this morning "happy first 29th birthday"! 

Just a quick post because I am way supercrazytazmaniandevil busy! But I'm really excited to be getting together with all my loved ones {except the ones that are not in Texas or are currently out of town, you know who you are;)}.

The hubs and the furbaby woke me up this morning with a candle poked into the top of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a fresh cup of my favorite coffee. And lot's of birthday hugs and kisses. Perfect way to start the day!

We are doing a two part celebration; tonight we kick off with dinner and drinks at TNT grill aka Tacos N' Tequila! Ya buddy, love me some good tequila and mexican food. 

Then hopefully we can head over to the roof top ice skating rink at Whole Foods! I know,  ice skating, in Texas?! You betcha! We usually try to go every year since they opened it. I swear I should quit my job and become an ice skater, I think I'd be pretty good at it. What do y'all think? ;-)  See proof below:

Or maybe not? ;-) 

Then on Saturday myself and 14 of my favorite loved ones are going to do birthday celebrations a little bit different. We are taking a tour of downtown Austin on the Pubcrawler! What in the world is that you say? Let me tell you, 3 words, BAR ON WHEELS! 
You pedal around town while singing and drinking and then stopping off at random bars to do more drinking with your best mates! No I'm not an alcoholic. No I do not need alcohol to have a good time, my friends can attest to that for me. But how fun and unique?! I'm super stoked for part deux of my birthday festivities. 

shakin' my birthday booty all day long, 

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