Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my birthday tomfoolery re-cap

And again I'm a little late with the weekend re-caps and re-cap on my birthday celebrations. Seriously, we are half way through January and we haven't stopped moving since Halloween really. Okay let's not kid, the days I'm hungover there is quite a bit of stopping to be had. ;-) 

Here is a picture re-cap of the seriously badace birthday shenanigans that took part! This one is definitely for the books my friends!

Like I mentioned before we went to have tacos and tequila on my actual birthday at appropriately named, TNT aka Tacos and Tequila. Check out my birthday shots! Mmm! Where my Mom and her boyfriend announced they are going to exchange vows, at get this -either at The HotterN-Hell Hundred or in Mexico. I opted for Mexico!! But either way we are SO very excited and happy for you two. It's about time! ;) 

Saturday we took The Pubcrawler out for a spin! We were all a little hesitant as no one had ever been on it before and pedaling a 3000 pound bike only going approximately 5 mph in the  middle of downtown Austin all while drinking sounded a tad intimidating. Ummm ya right, not for this crew!! It was a riot to say the least!

You can bring a keg and that's where the little guy goes. 

This is one of the last pictures of the night...yes one of my friends is on the ground. Ha! Wild bunch to say the least. 

Mid-crawl, stopped off to play some skee ball and have a few shots! 

Kickace, I got a birthday brownie cake! My friends seriously are the bestest! 

Forgot forks, have no fear we will use our finners!

At the end of the night we ended up at one of the best Austin late night breakfast spots. I'm pretty sure I sounded like this (start at 00:33) on the way to the restaurant. *Don't be alarmed I was not driving, girl scouts honor. 

And so I got my f**ing french toast ;-) 

...with the majority of it landing in my lap. 

But whatevs I was a super happy girl and wasn't too hungover the next morning surprisingly. Must have been the breakfast that saved me. By the way a big shout out to my Mom's fiance, he paid for every ones breakfast! Thank you mucho!

Oh and for my birthday I got all these lovely cards and flowers from my sweet friends and family. I love getting cards in the mail! Birthday love, y'all did it right!

Hubs got me these amazing Sam Edelman thigh high boots! <3

beer, pickle shots, tequila shots, brownies, french toast and I didn't vom any of it up *pats my own back*,

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