Monday, January 23, 2012

D IY : reverse tip nails to extend your Shellac mani & nail polish ADD

It really is kind of ridiculous how much I change my nail polish and the amount of colors that I currently own. 
Oh well so what, it's one of this small things that can make a gal feel a wee bit fancy. 

I've been seeing the reverse mani all over Pinterest and never wanted to go into so much detail until recently. The reason  you ask? My girl friend and I went to get Shellac mani's back on 12/26. Well this time around the lady did the mani so good it was still hanging around on 1/9! The only problem, is the major growth of my nails and this huge bare spot by my cuticles... 
Enter: the reverse mani - problem solved! 

All you need are garage sale dot stickers or the binder hole reinforcement tabs
Your favorite contrasting nail polish. 

Stick the stickers on and paint 2-3 coats, depending on your color...

and voila, a pretty reverse tip manicure!

This extended my Shellac mani until the following weekend 1/14! Friends this has got be some kind of record for sure- 3 week, no-chip manicure for $35! You bet!

Here is a look at my past Sally Hansen Salon effects nail polish strips obsessions. So far my favorite is the 'Kitty Kitty'. I also have worn the 'Glitz Blitz' which is just a simple gold glitter. Not worth $8.50 IMO because I can create that look easily with gold glitter nail polish. 

'Kitty Kitty'

'Laced Up'

A little team spirit - 'hook'em horns'!

Pinterest inspired (I can't for the life of me find the link. sorry)

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