Tuesday, January 24, 2012

random things I am loving right now

Two new apps I've downloaded and am having so much fun with:

3 Initials | create fun monogram backgrounds and wallpapers for your phone or iPad

Red Stamp | send super cute notes right from your phone; invites, thank-yous, congrats etc.
Look how sweet our dear friends new baby boy is!

Lately I have been crushing on anything monogrammed. 

Loving these two necklaces from Moon & Lola, tortoise with the gold chain...swoon:

And this cross body/ clutch from Marley Lily, I am certain I need to own. ;-) 
Except I would do brown stitching to make the monogram blend a little more. 

It would look more like this one

I love accessorizing, so naturally I would love The 'Arm Party'. If worn tastefully it will never go out of style IMO. Who's ready to party? tehe

Here's a simple one I wore over the weekend. 

                                                                  Source: girlcrushblog.blogspot.com via Dani on Pinterest

                                                             Source: forloveofacupcake.blogspot.com via Emily on Pinterest

Love this tribal, fringe bikini from All Wet Beachwear . It's a tad, okay WAY more than I normally spend but how adorable is it?!

I have not wanted to throw away all of our cards from wedding showers and our actual wedding. They are currently in a box pushed under a shelf collecting dust. Well my friends I came across THE CUTEST way to save them. This is so genius and is going to be one of my next projects. 

Another potenential upcoming project (even though Feb is a short month). How adorable is this?
Source: etsy.com via Liana on Pinterest

happy thunder storming Tuesday my friends, 

P.S. What do y'all think of the ole blog face lift? :)


  1. Oh, I love the card bundle! What a fun way to save them! I dig the bracelets, but I'd have to make them all as simple as possible for my taste. Although, I like them on other people - I get so fed up with my own jewelry while I'm wearing it. That's also why I always lose it!

    I like the changes, and I love that you're sharing your creativity on Facebook now too!

  2. You know I love me some bracelets. I can never wear just one!

  3. Hey you two :) thanks for your support and comments on my blog!